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Find Out The 4 Major Advantages Of Dental Bridges

In case you are suffering from problems related to missing teeth, dental bridges may be a good option for you. The gaps in your smile can cause your other teeth to drift into the open space over time, or possibly lead to jaw damage. Gaps in your smile might make it difficult to eat, speak, or feel confident daily. Patients with missing teeth can benefit from dental bridge operations, which fill the gap with an artificial tooth that feels and looks real. Dental bridges operate by putting an artificial tooth in the gap and fixing it on both sides with crowns on natural teeth or dental implants. We'll go through the advantages of dental bridges in this blog post so you'll be well-informed and confident while undergoing this treatment.

Helps To Restore Your Smile

A smile that is both attractive and healthy has no monetary value. Following dental bridge treatments, many patients report feeling more confident. Have you ever been embarrassed by your smile in a group photograph? or maybe hesitated to smile without any worry while communicating with someone? Well, going for the dental bridges treatment can effectively resolve such issues with ease. 

Helps To Improve Your Chewing

You may have trouble, if not agony while eating your favorite meals after tooth loss. It's possible that the surrounding teeth will move into the exposed gap, creating pain. Bits of food might also collect in the empty socket left by your tooth, causing gum disease. To permanently alleviate pain when eating, we recommend dental bridge therapy. Eating shouldn't have to be a painful experience regularly. Now is the time to schedule an appointment with a dentist that specializes in tooth restoration.

Helps You To Speak Better

If you've lost a lot of teeth, you can have trouble pronouncing particular words or talking with a lisp. You'll need to address the tooth loss that caused your speech to suffer in the first place to resolve these concerns. Your teeth play a significant role in how you form words in your mouth. Count how many times your lips or tongue come into contact with your teeth while reading aloud. Dental bridges can help with speech problems caused by tooth loss.

Helps To Maintain Your Facial Structure

Do you know that when you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate? The bone cells in your jawbone are stimulated by tooth roots. Your jawbone begins to degenerate without this stimulation. Severe jawbone degradation might result in more tooth loss and facial collapse, altering your face's form.

Helps To Prevent The Teeth From Shifting

Your teeth are held in place by strong roots beneath the surface of your gums. Did you realize, however, that your teeth are also held in place by teeth nearby? After significant tooth loss, your remaining teeth may begin to tilt toward the open gap. Filling the area with an artificial tooth through dental bridge treatment is the best way to avoid teeth shifting. Too much movement can cause teeth to loosen, resulting in tooth loss.

We hope that you have gained a clear understanding of going for dental bridges. Here at Omni Dental Shadyside, we offer top-quality porcelain bridges service in Pittsburgh, PA, and nearby. Just book your appointment with us for the best dental care.