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Are You The Perfect Candidate For Dental Crowns?

Most people know about dental crowns and even have gotten them at some point in their lives. This dental product falls under the most common dental restorative treatments. In this era, you don’t have to worry about missing and decayed teeth as there are numerous dental restoration options available in dental clinics near you. Dental crowns are a type of dental implant that is used to restore parts of one’s teeth. In recent years, most people are opting to get dental crowns for their remarkable advantages and functionality. These dental products are mostly made from biocompatible substances that are selected by the dentist according to the needs of his patients. 

What Are Dental Crowns?

As you grow up, your teeth start to get damaged due to various factors. These factors may include injuries, decay, and cavities. Some people even grind their teeth while they are sleeping. It eventually wears the enamel down. This is where dental crowns come to the rescue. These products are caps that are shaped like natural teeth. They are placed over your teeth to protect the decaying or damaged teeth from further harm. A dental crown is glued into place on top of your tooth and it protects the visible portion of the tooth. This product also plays a huge role in restoring your self-confidence.

These days, dentists use various kinds of materials like porcelain-metal, pure porcelain, and ceramic composites to make dental crowns. They are specifically designed to treat specific issues as well as provide pleasant and aesthetic results. These dental restorative products do not slip or slide as they are fitted into their proper place and they cover the excessively damaged and discolored teeth effortlessly. Dental crowns are even used to cover dental implants to provide a double layer of protection to a tooth. The most obvious purpose of dental crowns is to strengthen teeth and increase your overall bite strength. 

Are You the Perfect Candidate For This Treatment?

Those who have a cracked or missing tooth in the front row of their mouth, feel embarrassed to laugh and talk freely. When they consult with their nearest dentist, they are recommended to get fitted with dental crowns. These dental restorative products hide a damaged tooth and replace missing teeth, but do you qualify as the perfect candidate to get dental crowns. Here are some specific factors that may help your dentist to decide, whether this treatment option is suitable for you:

  • When it comes to dentists, they will thoroughly check the condition of your teeth. If you have a decayed tooth that has been filled before, your dentist may get you fitted with dental crowns. However, if your tooth is extremely decayed, then your dentist will decide to extract the tooth.
  • If you are suffering due to a chipped or cracked tooth, your dentist will have a dental crown fitted on that tooth. However, your dentist may also opt for other options like dental veneers and bonding.
  • In the case of missing teeth, your dentist will get you a dental implant and a crown on top of it. It will enhance your smile as well as protect your tooth. 
  • If you have heavily stained and discoloration on your teeth, dental crowns may be required to cover the affected areas. 

Therefore, you need to have certain dental conditions that will make you the right candidate for dental crowns. Moreover, if you still feel unsure about getting dental crowns, please get the best dental restorative treatment at Highland Ave Pittsburgh, PA. Our skilled dentist in Shadyside is always ready to provide you with the most suitable solutions.