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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Omni Dental, there’s nothing we feel more passionate about than giving our patients a renewed sense of confidence through our work. We appreciate that chipped, stained, crooked, or missing teeth can be debilitating socially, emotionally, and professionally. That’s why we’ve implemented an array of services designed to give you the smile you deserve!

Listening is what makes us "us"

Our doctors know that every patient is unique. We ensure that sufficient time and attention is dedicated towards learning the wants, needs and concerns of all of our patients.  This way, our doctors can understand what an ideal smile means to you and they can provide the roadmap for getting there. Whether it's veneers, Invisalign®, implants or just a teeth whitening, we'll make sure you love your new smile and are thrilled to wear it!

The Difference a Smile Makes...

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