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Reap your benefits with Dental Insurance Policies to flaunt your perfect smile!

Most people tend to put their oral health on the back burner. Do you know poor dental care can affect your overall health status? Therefore, money should never be a barrier to access proper dental care for you or your family. Needless to say, Dental Insurance policies can undoubtedly assist you to plan and budget for the costs of oral health. With countless dental benefit plans available for patients to avail these days, it’s necessary to know thoroughly the differences between them. Few plans need the doctor’s dental practice to be part of a network, while others limit maximum rates. There are also several plans that have fixed fees for particular services.

How does the System actually work?

When it comes to dental procedure techniques, they are normally classified into three groups: preventive, basic, and major when covered by insurance policies. Preventive plans involve treatments like annual cleanings, X-rays, and sealants. Basic plan comprises problems regarding teeth, extractions, gums, fillings, and root canals. While the major plan covers bridges, inlays, and dentures! However, insurance policies basically don’t cover cosmetic procedures like dental veneers, crowns, tooth shaping, whitening or gum contouring.

How Dental Insurance Policies make your oral care more accessible?

  • People do not possibly prefer routine dental care check-ups, those without individual dental coverage. So Insurance policies make you enjoy the benefits.
  • When people wait until a major problem arises, that denotes dental treatment will usually be more involved and expensive enough! Therefore insurance schemes will cover the costs without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Major health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, pregnancy problems, stroke which are associated with poor oral hygiene are more likely to appear. Therefore you need not delay your treatments with insurance policies when you are suffering from poor dental health.

Insurance Made Easy in Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA

Your smile is our priority at Omni Dental Shadyside. Our specialist and team of experienced dentists provide you extra comfort and care and render quality dental treatment at a reasonable rate. We are in-network dental providers with maximum major insurance companies. To match up to your family’s budgetary requirements, we also offer an in-office membership program. It will just take a few minutes to sign-up and your plan will immediately be made active! Whether it's a routine dental check up, or dental care for your family, we In Pittsburgh, PA have you covered with all necessary oral practices under one roof. 

Don’t worry if you do not have dental insurance, as we do have flexible payment methods to help you avail to the dental care you just require.