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Emergency Dentist

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, regardless of how well you take care of your teeth. Unfortunately, these emergencies often result in intense pain and discomfort.

That's why it's crucial to seek treatment as soon as you notice any problems. Our clinic offers a serene and cozy atmosphere where patients of all ages can receive prompt and effective care.

Why Do You Need Treatment for a Dental Emergency?

It is crucial to seek immediate and proper treatment for a dental emergency as it can worsen rapidly. Even a seemingly small problem can escalate into a serious issue. In some instances, infections may develop, necessitating additional treatment alongside addressing the initial emergency. Therefore, we highly recommend seeking prompt and suitable care without any delay.

What Are Some of the More Common Dental Emergencies?

On any given day, we encounter various dental emergencies. Therefore, we strongly advise you to schedule an appointment as soon as you notice any issues. Some of the frequently occurring emergencies include:

✓ Intense toothache and discomfort

✓ Abscesses and infections

✓ Fractured or chipped teeth

✓ Misplaced fillings, crowns, or bridge work

✓ Damaged or misplaced dental appliances (dentures, night guards)