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Full-Arch Implant Restorations

It should go without saying, but losing your teeth is emotionally and physically taxing.  And though dentures are helpful for some patients, denture slippage is a common problem and many times, makes things worse. Even the best-fitting set of dentures will slip — especially a bottom set. Denture slippage is painful, frustrating and embarrassing in social situations. Luckily, today we have far better options than traditional dentures, which allow patients to chew, smile and talk much more comfortably and confidently than ever before.

There are several different options when it comes to full-arch implant tooth replacement...


Overdentures are just what the name implies. These dentures snap securely over dental implants, which are simply artificial roots. They are "removable”, meaning that patients can take them out for sleeping and cleaning. However, it's nearly impossible for them to slip.

Patients will need anywhere from 2 to 4 implants to secure their overdentures.  If you decide that this is the best option for you, Dr. Hanlon will be with you from start to finish — from placing the necessary dental implants to delivery of the final prosthesis. Overdentures are a game-changer for those struggling with denture mobility.

*Overdentures are the most affordable of the full-arch implant options and, since they can be removed, they are also the easiest to clean.

"All-On-4", "All-On-X", "Hybrid Denture" or "Teeth In A Day"

The "All-On-X" or "Hybrid" is similar to the overdenture in that they both are supported and retained by dental implants. However, there are a few important differences.  First, where overdentures are "removable" by the patient, the "All-On-X" or "Hybrid" is "fixed" and, therefore only removable by your dentist at routine cleanings.  Second, overdentures are constructed from traditional dental material (acrylic), where the "All-On-X" or "Hybrid" is typically made from a very strong porcelain-type material called Zirconia.

*The "All-On-X" or "Hybrid" is an excellent option for those who do not want to remove their teeth and are willing to take the additional time necessary to clean underneath of the prosthesis.  

Crown & Bridge (Over Dental Implants)

This is the "Rolls Royce" when it comes to full-arch implant options.

Crowns and bridges over dental implants are very similar to crowns and bridges over natural teeth.  Like the "All-On-X" or "Hybrid", this option is also constructed from very strong porcelain materials.  It is also "fixed", so it is only removable by the dentist, however, it does NOT need to come out during routine cleaning since it is fairly easy to maintain.  Both the overdenture and the "All-On-X" or "Hybrid" are one solid prosthesis, however crown and bridge over dental implants will be broken into (typically) 3 segments; 1 bridge in the back right, 1 in the front and 1 in the back left.

*This is the most ideal full-arch implant option, however, it is also the most pricey.