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Invisalign & SureSmile

Clearly Superior to Braces

For many adults, receiving metal braces was simply part of their teenage years. Traditional braces were painful and embarrassing. They also made brushing, flossing, and eating a pain. There were no good alternatives. Luckily, that's no longer the case today.  At Omni Dental, our patients can choose clear aligner therapy from either Invisalign or SureSmile, depending on their budget and needs.


Whether you have never worn braces as a kid or you simply stopped wearing your retainers, clear aligners are an incredible option to improve the health and cosmetics of your smile.  The Invisalign and SureSmile systems use a series of clear, custom-made aligners to painlessly guide your teeth into an ideal position in as little as 3 months!


Specialized Training and State-of-the Art Technology

Dr. Hanlon has undergone extensive specialized training to become an Invisalign provider.  Additionally, Omni Dental is equipped with Invisalign's most State-of-the-Art digital impression scanner- the iTero Element®.  This incredible technology allows us to record your teeth to nearly 100% accuracy and precision, ensuring exceptional quality of the clear aligners that we deliver.  Dr. Hanlon has the experience and technology necessary to offer the highest level of this life-changing service, and he can help you decide if Invisalign or SureSmile is right for you.

We offer a free consultation, where you will receive a complimentary scan of your teeth with our iTero Element® digital impression scanner! Upon request, we can even provide you with a video of how your teeth will straighten to give you the beautiful smile you deserve!