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Porcelain Bridges

If you've lost a tooth (or teeth) to injury or decay, a porcelain bridge is a well-suited restoration option.

A bridge replaces one or several missing teeth by using the neighboring teeth for support. It's a “fixed” solution, meaning it's permanent and stays in you mouth. It’s important to have a bridge or some other restoration (such as an implant) in place so you can speak normally, enjoy the foods you prefer and, most importantly, prevent further shifting and degradation of surrounding teeth.

Contemporary porcelain bridges are superior to traditional metal bridges for several reason. Besides appearing much more natural and esthetic, porcelain bridges are also extremely durable and function as permanent tooth replacement solutions.

Some patients confuse bridges with partial dentures. It's important to understand that bridges are “fixed” and remain in the patient’s mouth, while partial dentures are removable by the patient.

At Omni Dental, our doctors use cutting-edge techniques and materials for the construction of your all-porcelain bridge. As with any procedure, we're committed to your satisfaction; your dentist will make certain that your bridge is strong, beautiful, and feels great!

Why Replacing Teeth Is So Important

Your teeth work together as a single unit. When one tooth goes, immediate shifting begins, which damages neighboring teeth. For this reason, it's important to replace any missing teeth to retain the overall integrity of your mouth.  Click here to learn more about why tooth replacement is so important if you are serious about your dental health.