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What Are The Steps Of Professional Teeth Cleaning Service?

Oral hygiene is extremely crucial for our entire physical well-being. Regular dental care is insufficient to avoid bacterial infections in the mouth. This is why it is essential to have regular dental examinations and cleanings for your oral health. Our dentists at Omni Dental have provided all the steps of a professional dental cleaning service for your better understanding.

What Are The Steps Of Professional Dental Cleaning?

Your toothbrush does not have access to some sections of your mouth. To remove plaque and tartar buildup from such areas, expert dental cleanings are essential. Please get in touch with our dentist in Shadyside if you have further queries regarding dental cleaning in Shadyside. We have also enlisted the different steps of the procedure in this section

Removing Plaque & Tartar

Several oral diseases are caused by massive plaque and tartar buildup. Plaque is a sticky layer made up of food particles, saliva, fluids, and harmful bacteria. They build a thin barrier over our teeth over time. The plaque must be removed or it will cause severe damage. Brushing and flossing are important, but there are some areas where your brush won't reach. Professional dental cleanings are crucial in this situation. Plaque hardens into tartar over time, making it difficult to remove with standard dental tools. In these circumstances, your Shadyside dentist will use a scalar to loosen the particles so they may be removed more easily.

Specialized Toothpaste

This is the second step, during which your Shadyside dentist will apply dental-grade toothpaste. An electric toothbrush could be used to ensure that the product is working effectively. This will help in the removal of stains and discoloration.

Rinsing Solution

Your mouth will be washed with a specially prepared dental solution in the third stage. This mixture normally contains a significant amount of fluoride, which helps to get rid of harmful bacteria. This will boost your oral health and speed up the cleaning process.

Thorough Physical Examination

Your dentist in Shadyside will examine your dental cavity in detail at this stage. This contains a full examination of your teeth, gums, and other regions. This process eliminates the possibility of any further dental issues. To search for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or possibly other illnesses, a thorough examination is required. Other structural issues are examined as well to eliminate the risk of other complicated conditions. Your jaw and neck may also be examined to see whether you have bruxism.


Dental flossing is the next step in the procedure. It's done to ensure that no food remains in your mouth and that your mouth is as clean as possible

Fluoride Treatment

Specialized fluoride varnish is applied to your teeth in the last step of the procedure.    This fluoride treatment is a vital step in the prevention of tooth decay. It will remineralize your enamel and preserve your teeth from further harm.

We hope this information helps you to make better decisions regarding your dental health. Book an appointment with us at Omni Dental if you are looking for the best professional teeth cleaning procedure in Shadyside, PA.