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Root Canals – Quick and Comfortable

“Root canal” — these two words are synonymous with pain, thanks to a bygone era when dentists didn’t have access to local anesthesia. Fortunately, this association is merely a myth today. Modern root canal procedures are largely painless, with minimal discomfort for the patient.

At Omni Dental, we maintain a welcoming and stress-free environment where our doctors go to great lengths to make certain our patients are comfortable and relaxed at all times. Calming essential oils are constantly diffused into the air throughout the office. During the procedure, you will be resting in a heated and massaging dental chair to help put you at ease. Additionally, we provide tablets, sunglasses, headphones, weighted blankets and other amenities in our treatment rooms, so that our patients may be relaxed, even during a root canal.

What is the Purpose of a Root Canal?

You may need a root canal if you have a tooth afflicted with severe decay, especially if the decay has infiltrated the pulp inside the tooth. A root canal removes this infected pulp, halting the spread of infection. Without a root canal, the infection can migrate throughout your body, and the tooth may need to be completely removed.

Omni Dental also offers post-root canal treatment, typically in the form of an all-porcelain crown.