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How important is it to maintain good oral hygiene?

Oral hygiene plays a substantial role in a healthy smile and fresh breath free of odd smells. Lack of proper oral care can lead to dental issues such as tooth decay. Cavities are also common among those who fail to maintain good oral hygiene. It is always desirable to guide children about the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing correctly. The four essentials in maintaining good oral health include brushing, flossing, cleaning the tongue, and frequently visiting the dentist. 

Brushing The Teeth

Brushing the teeth is of utmost importance when it comes to preventive oral care, and it is considered an excellent preventive care method. It plays a vital role in removing plaque and tartar from the teeth. It is desirable to use a toothbrush with soft bristles instead of stiff bristles. By using a toothbrush with hard bristles, there is a possibility of gum getting hurt. You should also use fluoride toothpaste that helps clean the teeth and gums effectively. Ensure that the brushing involves the outer tooth surface, inner tooth surface, and the flat chewing surfaces present in the back of the teeth. It would be best if you also replaced the toothbrush every three months. 


Tongue cleaning is also vital as it helps remove the bacteria and fungi present within the tongue. Even though brushing is essential, there are a few areas within the teeth where brushes can’t reach. It is why dentists best recommend flossing. It can reach areas within the teeth that are inaccessible while brushing the tooth. Not only does it clean the teeth, but it also increases the strength of the gums. 

Avoid Sugary and Acidic Foods

It would be best if you also changed your lifestyle habits. You should avoid acidic foods, sugary foods, smoking, and drinking alcohol, all of which can contribute to the formation of cavities. Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, and dairy products to have good oral health. It is also good to use mouthwash and chewing gums to improve oral health and prevent bacteria buildup. 

If you have cavities or toothaches, schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Pittsburgh, PA. Above all, you should visit a nearby dentist in Pittsburgh, PA, at least twice a year. They perform a careful and thorough oral examination to check your oral health and tell you whether or not any treatments are required. They will also tell you tips that you should follow for maintaining good oral health.